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Benefits of Hanging Eucalyptus in the Shower and Why It’s Worth Trying

Benefits of Hanging Eucalyptus in the Shower and Why It’s Worth Trying

Flu season is upon us. According to the CDC, the typical flu season in the US happens in the fall and winter, usually between the months of December to February but may extend up until May.

In addition to this, we are experiencing a health crisis on a scale like no other. The spread of the coronavirus has left nations and economies paralyzed all over the globe! Unless we’re out for a supply run, we’re supposed to stay indoors to “flatten the curve” and lessen the chance of contracting the virus.

While at home, we are expected to take care of ourselves and to remain healthy so as not to be prone to the virus once exposed. Aside from taking regular doses of vitamins and other immune-boosters, we can also rely on natural home remedies to keep us healthy and relieve us of some symptoms of flu. Recently, a trend went viral because of its simplicity, and those who tried it have said that it’s quite effective: Hanging fresh Eucalyptus in the shower.

How does this work?


If this is the first time you’ve heard about this amazing and simple home remedy. Stay with us and read until the end to know more.

Before we go through the details. I would like to share a brief history of the Eucalyptus plant, what’s in it that makes it effective as an anti-bacterial, anti-fungal, and anti-viral agent.

Eucalyptus is an evergreen plant that’s mostly native to Australia. This plant was introduced to North America by Australians in the 1850s, during California’s Gold Rush. A typical eucalyptus tree has a lot of uses. 

Eucalyptus trees were planted because it is a fast-growing source of wood, its leaves produce oil that can disinfect surfaces, and some species are known to utilize huge amounts of water, thus they are being used to drain swamps that are known to cause malaria. Swamps are known to be breeding grounds for mosquitoes. Some places in Europe and California have been successful in preventing malaria by planting Eucalyptus trees around swamps and draining the water out of it.

Eucalyptus leaves are known to hold copious amounts of oil. In Tunisia, Eucalyptus leaves have been used as part of their folk medicine. By inhaling eucalyptus essential oil, it could help treat respiratory ailments such as pharyngitis, bronchitis, and sinusitis. They do this by drying out the Eucalyptus leaves, then coarsely crushing it. They boil the leaves and let the person inhale the steam. 

In modern times, you no longer have to go through the tedious process of drying and crushing leaves. Scientists have found a way to extract essential oils from Eucalyptus plants by way of hydro-distillation.  You can use essential oils with your diffuser for maximum efficacy.

Aside from causing relief with your flu-like symptoms, Eucalyptus also has anti-fungal and anti-bacterial effects. Eucalyptol, a chemical compound found in Eucalyptus, has proven to reduce bacterial, fungal, and viral growth after a series of tests conducted by this study

After extracting the essential oil from the leaves, you may use it as an effective disinfectant on surfaces and as an insecticide. 

Benefits of Hanging Eucalyptus in Shower

hanging fresh eucalyptus

What does your idea of a “me” time sound like? Is it taking your time in the shower? Is it getting a well-deserved massage after day’s work? Is it doing a meditation exercise to “find your center”? Or simply having a good night’s sleep to prepare for another work day tomorrow?

If you get to do one among the options above, good for you. If you get to do all of them, wow! You are lucky!

Having a relaxing hot shower after a day’s work is one of the most common way to relieve stress. Some may find this as part of their regular routine but there are others, especially those who are not living alone, who treat this as their only opportunity for a “me” time. What would you do to improve this experience?

For those who have a large bathroom could enjoy preparing a bubble bath complete with bath bombs and such but for us, regular folks, you might want to try hanging eucalyptus leaves in the shower.

Doing this is really as simple as counting 1, 2, 3. Once you have a few stems of fresh eucalyptus leaves, tie them in a bouquet-like shape using a string and just simply hang them on your shower head. 

Once the warm water is released, this triggers the release of the essentials oils in the leaves and when mixed with the vapor, causes a relaxing effect. As mentioned earlier, it helps in congestion, headaches, sore muscles, and stress.

Eucalyptol has a similar effect to peppermint (although both of these essential oils are different from one another). So if you are a fan of peppermint, you might want to try out the effects of Eucalyptus as well. 

Conversely, if you will have a hard time looking for fresh eucalyptus leaves in your area, you might want to try this eucalyptus oil instead. Just apply two to three drops on your shower floor. Once mixed with the hot shower, it will have a diffuser-like aromatherapy effect that’ll promote cooling and relaxation. 

After that hot shower, a massage is also a great idea to promote relaxation. How can Eucalyptus oils make this experience better? Using eucalyptus essential oils is actually invigorating when used as an alternative to your massage oils. Simply apply two to three drops in your palm and massage the sore area. You will immediately feel its cooling effects. Eucalyptus oils have proven to relieve muscle soreness and can help improve your blood circulation.

You’re almost done pampering yourself. 

After getting a shower and a well-deserved massage, the only thing left to do is to meditate and get some rest. 

You may find that eucalyptus essential oils are widely used to help promote a good night’s sleep or just simply to declutter your thoughts. Before going to bed or doing meditative exercises, you may add a few drops of this to your diffuser and just watch it take effect. You’ll be surprised how your sleep and meditation may dramatically improve. Also when doing yoga, the calming effects of eucalyptus helps you declutter your thoughts and just focus on the matter at hand.

eucalyptus essential oil


Some Caution


As with anything in this world, it goes without saying that too much of everything is bad. The same goes for Eucalyptus and other essential oils. 

Being exposed to excessive amounts of essential oils may be harmful to your skin as it may cause irritation. While eucalyptus essential oils are known to relieve congestions, it has the opposite effect if you have mixed an excessive amount in your diffuser. It may cause some breathing problems that are similar to an acute allergic reaction,

Before using any product, be sure to read the instructions carefully. Store it in a dry place, away from your children’s or pet’s reach, and be sure to contact a doctor once symptoms persist.


fresh eucalyptus leaves

If there’s one thing that living in these times have taught us, is that we have to take care of ourselves more than ever. This downtime has given us the much-needed opportunity to listen to our bodies and make up for the times that we have taken our health for granted.

Being healthy doesn’t just mean that we’re eating right and exercising often. It also means that we’re giving equal attention to rest and relaxation. 

Enjoying some “me” time is as important as other aspects of your health and doing this regularly doesn’t have to involve expensive tools or tedious tasks. 

By exploring other home remedies, such as hanging fresh eucalyptus leaves in the shower, can be a cost-effective way to improve your “me” time experience without breaking your wallet. This also improves provides an alternative way to relieve flu-like symptoms such as bronchitis, sinusitis, and pharyngitis.

Alternatively, you may also use eucalyptus essential oils for a similar effect. You can drop a few amounts on your shower floor and feel the relaxing, soothing effect when the hot shower hits it. You may also find uses of essential oils when doing a massage. You may also mix it in your diffuser to help improve your focus when doing meditation or to achieve a night of better sleep.

I am excited for you to try out this method and if you would like to order fresh eucalyptus leaves, I suggest you visit The guys from The Aroma Garden took the liberty of tying the stems for you so that once you receive it, you can just hang it on the shower right away. The quality of the stems and leaves are also checked prior to delivery to ensure that you’ll only be receiving the fresh-est bunch. Each order includes 8 to 10 stems, about 20 inches in length. The more eucalyptus leaves you hang, of course, the stronger the smell.


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