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How To Take Care of Succulents Indoors

How To Take Care of Succulents Indoors

Succulents are not the easiest plants to grow but don’t let this stop you from taking care of one! It’s quite a bit of a challenge to take care of a succulent plant but come to think of it, aren’t all things worth having are?

A No-nonsense Guide

We prepared a few tips for you to take note of when growing these wonderful plants:

1. Always Read The Plant Labels

- Each variety of succulent has different sunlight needs, size, and spread. Be sure to read a plant’s label so that you can adjust your schedule: when to expose it to the sun, when to water it, and where to plant it. There are many great indoor succulents out there and there’s one for each of us.

succulent plant

2. Place the Plant in a Sunny Location

- Most succulents need about 6 hours’ worth of sunlight for optimal growth (or survival). These plants tend to stretch themselves towards a light source when not getting enough light or sun.

3. Be Particular About Where You Plant Them

- As a general rule, choose a container that has a big enough drain. This allows excess water to drip off and not gather at the bottom of the container. Excessively moist potting medium (due to water build-up) will eventually cause root rot. In line with this, glass containers must be avoided as a long-term potting container unless you really know your plant.

4. Enjoy!

- Even if you don’t have any experience growing plants at home, succulents are a great way to start a home garden. They are pretty low-maintenance once you get used to the characteristic of each succulent and it’s pretty exciting to watch your indoor succulent collection grow.

So there you have it, ladies and gentlemen! Four practical tips that can help you how to better take care of a succulent inside your home. If you can’t wait to try this out, you can order your first succulent with The Aroma Garden. Good luck and have fun!

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