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Sleep Well Aromatherapy Pillow Spray 30ml Sleep Well Aromatherapy Pillow Spray 30ml
30ml 30ml 30ml
A 30ml version of our best-selling, effective yet gentle, aromatherapy Sleep Well Pillow Spray which contains a synergistic blend of pure essential oils of lavender, petitgrain, grapefruit and rosewood (dalbergia sissoo and ho wood). Scoosh a little on your pillow, breathe deeply and let the calming and soothing scents guide you to a relaxing and delicious sleep.

Our improved natural and organic recipe now contains Soil Association certified organic alcohol: essential to diffuse the spray so your pillow doesn't feel damp!

If you've tried and enjoyed a fresh eucalyptus bunch in the shower, the aromatic addition of lavender will take your shower to the next level!

This bunch includes 4-6 large eucalyptus stems and about 20 semi-dried thin lavender stems. Each bundle is tightly wrapped with ivory rope, leaving a loop for product hanging. A sleek stainless steel self adhesive hook is included for easy application and display. Your bunch comes enclosed in a floral sleeve to preserve freshness.

The benefits of fresh eucalyptus in your shower:

* Promotes relaxation
* Decongestant
* Relieves Stress
* Opens Sinuses
* Clears Your Mind

The benefits of lavender in your shower:

* Promotes calmness
* Overall relaxation
* Reduces stress
* Helps alleviate tenseness

Stems are about 18-20 inches in length. The handmade bunch gives your shower a spa like atmosphere and scent that soothes the system.

The hot steam releases the aromas to provide you with all of the great benefits of the eucalyptus and lavender.


NOTE: The partially dried lavender will shed. But the drying process is what gives the nice aroma. Don’t worry if your bunch sheds some purple “petals”. It’s totally normal.

fresh eucalyptus bunch for shower fresh eucalyptus bunch for shower
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Our staple product, this live eucalyptus branch for your shower makes a great addition to your home and bathroom decor! It comes with 8-10 stems of fresh eucalyptus, bundled together nicely with a hand-made rope and is easily hung by the included stainless steel stick-on hanger to go right under your shower head. 

The steam of a hot shower releases the aromas of these preserved eucalyptus branches, making your showers much more relaxing, stress-relieving, and refreshing. 

Stems are about 20 inches in length. The more stems you have, the stronger the aroma smell! 

Each bunch looks aesthetically pleasing and really adds to the decor and natural look of your bathroom. The included stainless steel hook can attach to any surface, whether your shower is tile or any other material.

The benefits of eucalyptus in the shower include:

  • Soothing eucalyptus smell reduces stress
  • DIY home spa
  • Decongestant for sinuses; cold and flu
  • Pleasing plant decor
  • Clears your mind

We ship directly from the farm and the package will arrive within a few business days. 

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